The Sharper Image Digital Photo Album — Software Download / Driver Download

I received for an early Christmas present a mini digital photo album for a keychain by The Sharper Image. Both the device and the accompanying software are a little finicky, but it works (kind of).

Searching around online, I was unable to quickly find any place to download the software, or any kind of support page for this device. In light of this, I made a .iso image of the CD that came with it and I am posting it here in case anyone needs it. Here is a picture of the device for comparison with your device (to know if this is the software you need):

The Sharper Image digital photo keychain

Download version 2.3 of the software (1.92 MB, Windows and Mac OS X software included in the image).  This is an ISO image of the CD that came with the device, and needs to be mounted or burned to a CD for you to be able to access the software.