Launch of

For over a year now, I’ve been planning to launch an online photo album.  Today, it’s here.

I looked at many options for this.  The easiest solution seems like it would be to use an existing online photo sharing site, like Flickr or Windows Live Spaces.  I looked at four or five of these, and none of them really offered what I was looking for.  And what was that, exactly?

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Kill Palm T|X screen whine

I just bought a used Palm T|X (or Palm TX) to replace my old Palm Tungsten E2. The E2’s speaker had developed a short or something, so that I often had to tap on the device to get the speaker to start working. I rely on my PDA to wake me up every morning, and if the speaker is not working, then it can’t do it. Sounds like an excuse for an upgrade, to me. The T|X also has 802.11b and you can get WPA and 802.1x support from Palm for $6, not a bad deal. I also enjoy the larger screen and the ability to rotate it to a landscape view.

My Tungsten E2 had a little whine problem. That is, if it was on and I held it up to my ear, I could hear a little high-pitched whiny noise. Turns out that the screen is causing this. It wasn’t a big deal, because I have to hold it right up to my ear to hear it and I noticed it only by chance. In 10 years, I probably won’t be able to hear that high-pitched a noise anymore.

Anyway, while being mostly very pleased with the T|X, I was dismayed to find that it came with a huge whine problem. The whiny noise is probably 10 times louder, or more, than the noise coming from the E2. It was enough that I could clearly hear it when the PDA was on and over an arms length away from me.

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