Bye-bye, Windows 2000!

Today, support for Windows 2000 from Microsoft ends. Windows 2000 was released over ten years ago, on February 17, 2000. Although it may have had a shaky start as far as application compatibility goes, it is renowned as one of the most stable operating systems ever to come out of Microsoft, and it paved the way for Microsoft to merge the “home” (9x) and “business” (NT) lines of Windows with Windows XP, the following year.

Windows 2000 received its last service pack, Service Pack 4, on June 26, 2003. It has been in “extended support” since June 30, 2005, and since then it has only been receiving security updates from Microsoft. Now, all support for Windows 2000 is dropped, and security updates will no longer be issued.

Another Windows release passes on to the pile of Windows versions past. But this was a great one, so I wanted to post a small tribute to it. :-)

If you were wondering, Windows ME was released after Windows 2000, on September 14, 2000. However, Microsoft dumped support for this operating system, the last of the “9x” line, back in 2006. The next operating system, Windows XP, is already in “extended support,” but will continue to receive security updates until April 8, 2014. By this time, Windows Vista will be in extended support (which happens in April, 2012). Only Vista Business and Vista Enterprise will be supported during the “extended support” phase, which will last until 2017, so support for the other editions (including Ultimate!) will end completely, before XP’s support runs out. :-P

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