Nokia 2320, CA-50 (download drivers here!!), and lack of PC sync capabilities

Just looking for the driver? Click here.

So…  In the not-so-distant past, my smart-ish phone, a Palm Treo 650, kicked the bucket.  Not having the budget or desire to pick up a newer smartphone, I ran off to eBay and picked up an unlocked Nokia 2320.  I plopped in my SIM card and I was back in business.

Now, the Nokia 2320 doesn’t really have any connectivity options.  It has no Bluetooth, no infrared, or anything like that.  Nonetheless, I am still interested in being able to transfer data to and from the phone (without using MMS).  Then, maybe I’d be able to do things like transfer photos to assign to the contacts in my address book, back up my address book in case the phone breaks or gets lost, add a custom ringtone, and so on.  The phone does have a data port, which seems like it would be an option, if only I had the right cable.

By the way, here’s the phone:

Everything you’d want in a dumbphone.  Tiny, light yet sturdy, easy to use, and I’ve gone 3 days without charging it and the battery meter barely dropped at all.

Here are the connectivity ports, located in the top-left corner (looking at it from the front).

The one on the right is for power.  The one on the left is for a headset.  The one in the middle is the data port.

Well, none of my tiny USB cords fit into that data port, so I searched eBay again and bought a data cable that was listed as compatible with this phone.  Here’s what I got.

It looks regular enough.  I first checked to see if it fit my phone’s data port.  It’s a little tight, but it did plug right in.  Then, I connected the phone to my PC running Windows 7 64-bit.  What I expected to happen happened: Windows started looking for drivers for my new device and wasn’t able to find anything.

So, I set out searching the great wide Internet for the software that I would need to have my computer and my phone talk.

Well, it turns out that the cable I bought isn’t a cable after all, or at least that’s not all there is to it.  It’s a USB device.  It is actually a USB-to-serial adapter.  That’s why the USB plug part of it is so large.  The tiny connector on the other end, and the tiny data port on my phone, those are actually some kind of mini serial connectors.

So, the driver that Windows couldn’t find wasn’t actually for the phone, it was for the CA-50 serial adapter itself.  Anyway, I wasn’t able to find a driver online for the CA-50, but now that I knew what it was, I was able to locate another one on eBay that came with the driver CD.  It only cost like $2 with free shipping from China, so I picked it up.

Oh, and I am posting the entire contents of the driver CD here in case anyone else is looking for it.  The CD also contains sync software and instructions for getting the stuff set up, which I will touch on as we continue.  It also contains drivers for the CA-42 and CA-45, which I can only assume are similar devices, as well as the DKU-5 and DKU-50.

Not being a new device, there are no 64-bit drivers available.  However, I was able to get it connected to a 32-bit Windows XP VM without any trouble.  I also installed Nokia PC Suite (also included on the CD, though a newer version is available online), and after following the directions included on the CD, which involved making sure that Nokia PC Suite was set up to use the correct COM port, I was able to get Nokia’s software to see and identify the phone.

Then I got the great error message that Nokia PC Suite does not support this particular phone.  Gah.

Why put a data port on the phone if it doesn’t do any good?  Well, further research has revealed that this phone is actually pretty similar to the Nokia 2330, which is supported by Nokia PC Suite.  It is so similar, in fact, that it looks like it could be converted to a Nokia 2330 with a firmware flash and minor modifications — in short, the differences between the two phones are almost entirely in the software.  I have a strong suspicion that if I were able to flash my phone into a Nokia 2330, the PC sync software would work.

That’s as far as I have gotten so far.  Any pages I have been able to find on flashing the firmware on this phone have been either written in another language or rather poor English.  I don’t have a clear understanding of what software and equipment I would need to carry out the procedure (though I did manage to obtain a Nokia 2330 firmware image).  So, if you have any information on this, I’d love to hear from you!  Otherwise, I’ll update this post with a link to a newer post if and when I make any more forward progress.

11 thoughts on “Nokia 2320, CA-50 (download drivers here!!), and lack of PC sync capabilities”

  1. Had the same problem with the same phone.
    Despite all drivers being installed the phone remains unseen by the OS, true of 32-bit and 64-bit. Even bluetooth would not work.

  2. On the XP machine, did you check the device manager status for the cable? I’ve learned that a lot of these CA-50 cables made in China have counterfeit ICs in them which cause them to not work properly. Device Manager will show a “device will not start (code 10)” error if this is the case. I got the info from the driver download site.

  3. No errors in the device manager. The cable works as far as I can tell, just the software is not able to talk to my particular phone (beyond correctly identifying the model number).

  4. I just tried the driver CD from your link at the top of the page, but Windows XP reported the PL-2303 driver installer file to be corrupt. I downloaded it again and got the same result. Do you know of another source for that particular driver?

  5. okey sir i think we can collaborate and i get you the firmware for nokia 2330 actually its in .mcusw format and futhert details can be explained if you are interested in it..

  6. aaron youll just need PSS phoenix software service tool to perform the flash operation..may i ask did you get the pc suite to detect your phone with? am tryng to read my phones forgoten security code using nemesis service suite and i cant get to installthe driver for this data cable help me awt man (

  7. hi I am shailesh I am from India . The link file is massive 140MB which is much larger for my 2G internet connection also I want just driver for this cable as I have MobiMb software to connect my Nokia 1661-2 to pc. without driver it cannot connect to pc so please if it possible can you just send me the driver for CA 50 cable.Ofcourse the thread is old if some one can have this driver please give link. And thanks Aaron for such a nice information about the cable. I am not very technicle person so it gives me a lot info about cable.

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