Installing the Samsung ML-1210 printer driver on Windows 8, Windows 10 (also other Samsung, Lexmark, Xerox laser printers with unsigned drivers)

Note, September 8, 2015: This article was written for Windows 8, but the process also works with Windows 10.

Alright, so.  I have a Samsung ML-1210 printer, which is a pretty old black-and-white laser printer.

Samsung made an unsigned 64-bit driver available for Windows Vista.  This driver also happens to work with Windows 7 (in fact they later re-packaged it and added Windows 7 to the list of supported operating systems).  Windows 7 complains about the missing signature but will allow you to install the driver.  I used it for a few years this way.  However, Windows 8 is not happy to take the driver.  It complains about missing file hashes, claims that the software was probably tampered with, and will not install the driver.

Samsung also has a “universal” driver available.  I couldn’t get it to work with the ML-1210.

After quite a bit of searching, I came across an easy solution.  I noticed that several other Samsung printers from the era have the same driver available for download.  Sure enough, the driver supports many different printer models, which is not surprising really since they probably all use a similar if not identical communication protocol.  However, on the support page for the ML-2250, they have a different version of the driver posted (9.61 MB instead of 9.6 MB, even though the version number is the same).  Hmm…

It turns out that this driver also supports the ML-1210, and it is signed.

Here’s what you do.

  • Download the “Print Driver,GDI” version 3.01 (9.61 MB) from the ML-2250 page (linked above).  You get a file called ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe.
  • Use WinRAR or a similar tool to extract the files compressed in ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe.
  • In the files you extracted, navigate to Printer\GDI\VISTA_64.  Here’s your printer driver.  Save the contents, and point Windows here during driver installation.

One other note.  Windows 8 didn’t actually ask me for the driver.  It just installed the printer without a driver, I had to find it under “Other devices” in the device manager and install the driver manually.  After that, everything worked fine.

This solution is probably not limited to the ML-1210, but to other Samsung GDI printers that don’t have a signed driver available for download on their page.  There are several printers listed as supported in the INF.

Update: November 5, 2012

Pascal notes in the comments that this also works with a Lexmark printer, so it’s not limited to just Samsung laser printers.  Also, I recently had an issue on the server that hosts this site and had to restore a backup of my database, so I lost a few days of comments right around the launch of Windows 8.  A few other Samsung printers have been reported working with this driver, including the ML-1740.  If you got your printer working, let us all know the model number in the comments below.

Update: March 13, 2013

From the comments, it looks like there are some Xerox printers out there that also work with this driver.

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  1. Yes ! It works also with a Lexmark E210 with this procedure… Thank you very much ! I’m very happy to continue to use my printer !

  2. I was actually surprised to read that this worked with a Lexmark, but I Googled the E210 and it looks almost identical to the Samsung ML-1210… So I guess there are some inter-manufacturer similarities that I was not aware of. :-)

  3. It worked for my Samsung ML-1210. Thanks. I was about to buy a new printer because of Windows 8.

  4. This worked great, glad I found your post! My ML-1210 is still chugging along with Windows 8 now. Just one correction though – 9.61 appears to be the size (MB), not the version. The version is actually 3.01.

  5. Ah, don’t know how I missed that about the version number. Though the funny thing is that the unsigned driver on the ML-1210 page is also version 3.01. Anyway, I will update the post to make this a little more clear.

  6. This works a treat!!, I am glad I found your post! My ML-1210 is still chugging along with Windows 8 now. Thanks

  7. Disable signing:

    – make a shortcut to c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe
    – right click on the shortcut and run it with admin privileges

    In the opened CMD type

    bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    press enter, and then enter

    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON

    press enter again.

  8. @Marco

    Disabling the signature check works but it is not necessary, because a properly signed driver is available. I recommend that you do NOT disable the signature check unless you have no other options available. The point of the signature check is to prevent modified drivers from being loaded.

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  10. Awesome. This got my Lexmark e210 working. It is always a challenge in Windows to get this printer working, this is the third driver I’ve had to use over the years.

  11. Hi to all,
    -my Samsung ML 1410 now works fine (Windows 8 Pro 64 bit). Thanks a lot for that great Research.


  12. I’ve installed Samsung Universal driver first. And now my ml-1210 doesn’t work and win 8 restricting me from changing its driver to ml-2250, saying that current (not working) driver is the better one. How did you dealt with this?

  13. Fuh… done it. Installed Samsung Universal driver and windows 8 considered it better driver, though it never worked. It can be deleted trough the Control panel -> Programs and something. After that just follow Aaron article. Fun… Thanks!!! )

  14. It works ! And that’s really nice that you posted this information… I cannot say the same for Samsung who is proposing something they did not test !
    Happy new year !

  15. Problem solve with Samsung ML-1520 on WIN 8 Pro 64 bit.
    Thanks to you !!!!!!
    Fantastic !!!!!!

  16. bien, on dirait que je ne suis pas la seule à avoir le même problème.
    Moi également, je cherche un pilote pour ma SAMSUNG ML 1210 compatible avec Windows 8

  17. Based on your insight I may be able to save my Samsung. Thanks. But I follow until you instruct “point Windows here during driver installation” as I do not know how to do this. Can you instruct step by step. Also, does W8 have WinRAR app or it is a download deal one has to buy and if free what site would you recommend as reliable?

  18. Thanks! Works for Xerox Phaser 3110 too (which ismad e by Samsung and essentially the same as Samsung Ml-1210 and Lexmark E210)

  19. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Got my mother’s ML-1210 working under Windows 8 (using the 32-bits driver under Printer\GDI\VISTA). The Samsung Universal Print Driver did not work.

  20. Thanks, works for me too. My printer is on a W2000 print server, it works great as a network printer on XP, Ubuntu and W7. With W8, I had to install the drivers and set up a printer that did not work, then I re-installed another printer through my Ubuntu box and told it to use the installed drivers of the first printer… works :-) I could then de-install the non working printer and had a functionnal ML1210 on W8. Not a straight and easy install, but a workaround.

  21. No problem too, with driver SAMSUNG ML -1200 séries on Win 8 (64 bits)

    Many greetings from FRANCE

  22. Great solution – it worked on my Lexmark E210 and Windows 8 Pro x64.

    Previosly on Windows 7 I used this solution : but it wont work now. I presume becasue the driver is not signed.

  23. Ugh! I need help. I have tried a million things and as soon as I installed the ml-1200 universal series driver my printer stopped working. I have windows 7 64 bit. I tried this vista driver and it still doesn’t work. Can someone PLEASE help me?! I LOVE my Samsung printer but am soon going to have to give it up if no luck…. it’s been months I’ve been trying to get this right.

  24. Christian, how did you get this to work?! What am I doing wrong? How do I know where the printer port is on my dell desktop (usb port)?

    I did follow your precise instructions, you did a good job for ML-1210 owners. I almost dumped my good, old printer after a few trials of installing under my new windows 8. Why is that so difficult for Samsung to provide the driver for windows x64.

  26. I don’t know if I’m just thick, but I can’t figure this out. I have a LExmark e210. Similar to Tom C. below, don’t understand the “point Windows to this” during installation. I downloaded what you said, and extracted with winrar. Re. “Windows just installed the printer without a driver”, my computer seems to have recognized that it’s lexmarkd e210, but when i went to device manager and tried to update driver and selected Printer/gdi/vista it didn’t work. Anyone have a solution? Thanks

  27. I am in the same situation as Adrian…have a Lexmark E210, have downloaded and extracted the file, but have no idea what to do now.

    If someone has successfully installed the E210, can you please explain the third step in better detail?


  28. Problem solved…after hours of trying the above for the Lexmark E210. I reverted back to the ML-1210 driver and all I had to do to get it working was to change the ports to USB from LPT1, and now it is working with Windows 8.

  29. Oh my- HALLELUJIAH!!!!!!! Thank you ANITA! Your tip on switching the port to USB from LPT1 is what worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING.

    Aaron, please keep your site going. This is the most wonderful printer and I don’t want to loose it. I hope we can keep it up with future upgrades to windows. *sigh* It is a workhorse printer (Samsung ml-1210) and doesn’t run out of ink like the inkjet ones so fast. <3

  30. Hello, i’m trying to instal the lexmark e210 on windows 8, but i don´t understand, how i do this:
    In the files you extracted, navigate to Printer\GDI\VISTA_64. Here’s your printer driver. Save the contents, and point Windows here during driver installation.

    I need to instal the ml 1200 driver in _vista 64? or I instal the ml 2250?
    Help me, please

  31. For those with a Lexmark E210 having trouble, do this:

    1. Using WinRAR, extract the ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe into a folder (if you don’t know how to do this, search Google for an answer)

    2. Open Control Panel > View devices and printers

    3. At the top of the window, click “Add a printer”

    4. In the window that appears, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed”

    5. Click the radio button that says “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and then click ‘Next’

    6. Choose “Use an existing port:” and leave it at “LPT1: (Printer Port)”, then click “Next” (Note: we will change the port after the printer is installed)

    7. Click the button labeled “Have Disk…”, and in the window that appears, click the button labeld “Browse…”

    8. In the “Locate File” dialog, browse to the folder you extracted the ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe into, and navigate to “Printer\GDI\VISTA_64”

    9. Click the file called “SPLV1.INF” and then click “Open” and then click “OK”

    10. Scroll through the list of printers and select “Samsung ML-1200 Series” and then click “Next”

    11. Here you can name the printer whatever you want or just accept the default. Click “Next”

    12. If you want to share this printer, enter the information here, or if not, click “Do not share this printer”, and then click “Next” and click “Finish”

    13. In the “Devices and Printers” window, right-click the printer that we just added, and choose “Printer properties”

    14. Click the tab labeled “Ports” and scroll down the list until you find “USB001”, then select it and click “OK”

    15. Voila! Your printer is now fully functional!

  32. Good Job!! Just upgraded to Window 8.1 & I also have a ML-1210. You saved me from a deep-dark-pit of print-driver misery!

  33. I have a Lexmark E210 and Just upgraded to Windows 8.1.
    Followed these instructions and the printer works perfectly.
    Thank you for the information !!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this, I thought my ML-1210 had been rendered useless! Works as new now.

    To state the obvious, if you’re running 32-bit windows you need to reference the “Printer\GDI\VISTA” folder.
    Also, you get to the device manager by going to Settings on the charms bar to the right of the screen, select PC info and then Device Manager is listed on the left.

  35. It sounded brilliant. But big problem now: I’m trying to install a Lexmark E210 on Win 8.1 x 36. Followed all steps, but get stuck at “10. Scroll through the list of printers and select Samsung ML-1200 Series and then click “Next”” — My notebook doesn’t let me make that selection, because ML-1200 is not listed among the Samsung printers (the ML series starts with 1630 here, and in any case, the menu tells me that there’s no printer for my driver in the list). What now?

  36. I was looking for information on installing my Samsung ML1210 on my new computer running Windows 8.1 home (64-bit) and found this information.

    I am somewhat computer literate and I was able to download the driver and find the folder Printer\GDI\Vista_64.

    However, just how to I go about installing the printer and this driver on the machine. My old computer was running Vista Home Premium and I was able to just go to the Samsung site and get the printer driver for that computer and I just installed this printer on the old XP by just using the install disc and following those steps with no problems at all as well.

    I can plug the printer in and turn it on and Windows 8.1 does see it in the devices and printers but there is no option for searching for drivers for it and it is not showing up in the device manager.

    I did see that you have information on installing for the Lexmark E210 . Would I follow the same steps for my ML-1210 on this windows 8.1 so that it works on this machine?


  37. @Lisa

    Printer drivers do not show up in device manager if a driver is already installed. (Who knows why this is.) If you miss the driver prompt when you first plug the printer in, find the printer in the “Devices and Printers” control panel. Right-click on it, go to “Printer properties”, and then the advanced tab. This is where you can install/change the printer driver.

  38. I did try again, went to the devices and printers in the control panel and right clicked on the samsung printer but there isn’t a Printer Properties option. Just a properties option as well as open; create shortcut; remove device and troubleshoot. If I click on properties there is just a general and hardware tab. If I open the hardware it shows the samsung printer (other devices) and there is a little ? on the pic for the printer. If I highlight it and select properties and go to the drivers tab – the driver details states “no driver filers are required or have been loaded for this device. So I clicked Change Settings and in the screen that popped up I selected the settings tab and had it search for that driver on my computer and directed it to where I had the driver sitting and it installed it for me. Thanks Again — I greatly appreciate the help.

  39. I just wished that I had seen your site before another site that downloaded all sorts of crap, even though I made sure that I was not downloading all sorts of crap. It took me longer to clean up the mess than it did to follow your well documented procedure. Thank you very much.

  40. thanks Joshua, and Aaron, I have an ML1210 with several spare cartridges so I was quite reluctant to give it up. I followed your instructions for my windows 8.1 installation but needed to make several modifications.

    1) You must connect to a USB2 port—– ML1210 has compatability issues with USB3

    2) when I connected my printer to the usb port, windows 8 automatically recognized it and installed a worthless 1200 series driver that won’t function. -leave it there for now.

    3) download the 2250 file as Joshua and Aaron instruct

    4 ) I tried to use a zip type file extractor but the Printer/GDI/Vista_64 file did not appear, HOWEVER

    5 ) I just ran the downloaded 2250 installation program directly. The installation wizard extracted the files all by itself and let me choose where to save the files. I saved them to a new 1210 folder in My Documents—- —-

    ———-Do not save in a” temp” file) !!!!!! Do not click the “next” button in this installation wizard .!!!!!!!——–

    6) I then closed the installation wizard window. clicked yes to cancel installation and aborted the installation for 2250 printer without installing it.

    7) the extracted files remained in the new 1210 folder I had created. The folders and files discussed by Aaron and Joshua all appeared in the new 1210 folder and I could navigate to “Printer\GDI\VISTA_64″

    8) next follow Joshua’s instructions 2- 12

    9 ) BEFORE doing step 13, check in the Devices and Printers box to see if you have the 1210 printer listed twice. If so open both. the one that is the functional 1210 printer will give you a control box for the printer. the other will give you nothing, as the driver installed by windows 8.1 for it, is non-functional). Delete the NON-functional driver& icon. It is linked to the USB0001 port that you will want to use for your functional driver in Joshua<s step 13. (remember that you have left LPT1 as the port for your functional 1210 driver icon and have not changed it yet)

    10) Once the non-functional 1210 printer is deleted, you can proceed to change your remaining functional 1210 driver port from LPT1 to USB0001 as Joshua describes.

    11) Lastly, before leaving the Devices and Printers box, print a test page by right clicking the new 1210 and selecting "printer Properties" you will find a button to print a test page there .

    Sorry I go so wordy but I though others might have encountered similar issues.

  41. NICE! Works for ML-1710! On Win8.1, as a driver for the printer shared on a Linux Ubuntu server! Brilliant! ;)

  42. Just about to dump my circa 2002 Samsung ML-1210, which in fairness doesn’t owe me anything, but this fix got me up and running. Wonderful.
    Thank you

  43. Aaron Great stuff , thanks to your instructions now have a working Lexmark E210 running of Samsung ML-1200 drivers. Mega THANKS. Also i have a Lexmark X215 MFP now working . Used Samsung MFP 65X drivers. OS Windows 8.1 x64.

  44. Let me just add that this method worked for Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, with my Samsung ML-1710. The driver I downloaded for Windows 8 (as described above) worked without issue for Windows 10.

  45. Aaron Thank you very much for your hard work. In Windows 10 Home edition I was able to find my ancient Samsung ML1210 in other devices and change the driver. It now works fine helping to keep it out of landfill.

  46. Aaron, here it is almost 3 years later and your diligence is still paying off! Thank you so much for you fix that has allowed me to keep my little printer that I bought for $99 back in 1998 chugging along just fine with Windows 10. You’re the greatest.

  47. Thank you very much for the instruction. I got my Samsung ML-1210 working on Windows 10, great stuff.

  48. Just wanted to add my sincere thanks as well – cheers! I got my ML-1210 working in Windows 10 Pro after upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate. I only realised the printer wasn’t working when I needed to print something out urgently this morning – always the way, eh?

    I thought I’d post my method in case it’s any use to someone else. It’s possibly a bit simpler than some of the methods above…. maybe?

    (1) I removed the existing [non-working] printer from Devices & Printers.
    (2) I unplugged the USB cable.
    (3) I unpacked the files from ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe download to a temporary folder.
    (4) I went into the folder you mentioned (ML-2250_Win7_GDI\Printer\GDI\VISTA_64) and looked for any .inf files.
    (5) I found SPLV1.INF (the only one in there), right-clicked on it and chose Install.
    (6) When it had finished I then reattached the USB cable and the printer tried to install again but this time it found the new driver I’d just installed above.
    (7) Works fine and shows up as Samsung ML-1200 Series (rather than just Universal Print Driver, which was the only other method I managed to get working but which involved unsigning the installer first – very messy!)

  49. Thank You Thank you Thank you
    After updating to Win 10 Pro I got my Ml 1210 working again with all your tips.
    All of us above Samsung must be cursing that we still are using their work horse of late nineties
    I have seen people changing three to four printers in this period.
    God bless all of you

  50. After updating to Win 10 Pro I got my Ml 1210 working again with all your tips.
    All of us above Samsung must be cursing that we still are using their work horse of late nineties
    I have seen people changing three to four printers in this period.
    God bless all of you. Thank you

  51. Thanks for this Aaron – with the help of this post I too managed to get my Samsung ML-1210 working with Windows 10. However, I ran into some other issues that I had to resolve first (note I backed up registry & files before making the changes below)

    When I attached/plugged in the printer to a USB 2.0 port it was not recognised (nothing happened, no new hardware prompt, no device added system sound)

    When I attached/plugged in the printer to a USB 3.0 port it was recognised as a Samsung ML-1210 but an error message stated: “USB printing support is an older USB device and might not work with USB 3.0, Try plugging it in to a USB 2.0 port”

    Switched the printer to a USB 2.0 port, still nothing. However when I looked under “other” in Device Manager the printer was listed as a “Xerox Phaser 3112.” I tried updating the driver there using the steps above, but had no success.

    No matter what I did I could get not get the printer installed.

    Eventually I stumbled over some posts regarding “unknownprinter” entries in the registry and another post detailing issues with the C:\Windows\INF\usbprint.inf

    I deleted any registry entries relating to “unknownprinter” (I had to take ownership of these keys before I could delete)

    I got a copy of the usbprint.inf file from a clean install of Windows 10 (64 bit, same as my install).

    I had to take ownership of usbprint.inf before I could replace it.


    Then I rebooted and followed the steps above.

    At this point my printer was working – I could print to Samsung ML-1210 from applications but it was not being displayed under “devices & printers”

    I then found another post that explained that that a full proper restart would result in the printer being added to “devices & printers”

    Several restarts later, it was still not appearing… then I read a post that stated that since Windows 8 restarting/shutting down uses a hibernate feature (for faster start times).

    To force a full restart I pressed windows-x (i.e. the windows key and the x key) and chose restart from that menu.

    After that the printer appeared under “devices & printers” and everything was working perfectly.


    Hope this information may help others.

    Thanks again Aaron

  52. This solutions saved the day, or at least my reliable old ML-1210! I had spent 2 weeks trying unsuccessfully to link up my printer via an Edimax PS 3170U print server, which incidentally shouldn’t in theory work with the ML-1210. The Samsung universal printer driver recognised the printer and switched it on, but didn’t print – even getting that far was difficult, as Windows 10 blocked the driver and I had to load it via the Command line.

    The only slight hiccup was that even although I was using the ML-2250 driver, I still had to select ML-1210 to get it to work.

    So, many thanks Aaron!!

  53. Thanks very much for the great instructions! My faithful old ML-1210 is up and running again.
    Best regards.

  54. Working: Lexmark E210 on Windows 10 64-bit

    I also used these instructions:

    I used the SPLV1.INF found in the directory:


    To access the driver UI, I went into the device manager and found the ? (unknown) device printer and updated the driver. It was somewhat a bear and I had to persistently navigate to the point where I could specify the path to SPLV1.inf and choose the ML1210 printer. A test page (spreadsheet) indicated success.

    Thanks for giving a printer a second-life.

  55. unfortunately, the link for the samsung ML-2250 link just states that the information isn’t currently available now :P However, this link will give you access to printer drivers. You will need to click the more drivers down arrow to find the print driver that is mentioned in the information. I hope this helps and I am now going to try and get my printer to work with windows 10. :)

  56. I did start to download the driver from the link
    Needed to click the option see more / rather than more drivers as I just stated.

    While waiting on the download, I plugged in the printer and it was immediately found in the printers section of windows 10 (this computer is running windows 10 64 bit ~ a clean install for the upgrade from windows 8.1 64bit) .
    Anyway, I right clicked on the printer in the Devices and Printers and selected Properties.
    In the box that popped up I clicked properties in the hardware tab
    The general tab had an option to Change Settings
    So I clicked Change Settings and in the screen that popped up I selected the settings tab and clicked for it to search for a driver for the printer, it found a working driver, installed it and my printer is working.

    I followed similar steps in the past to get it to work with windows 8.1, but then I clicked Change Settings and in the screen that popped up I selected the settings tab and had it search for that driver on my computer and directed it to where I had saved the driver.
    (note – this was after following the steps above ….
    “Here’s what you do.
    Download the “Print Driver,GDI” version 3.01 (9.61 MB) from the ML-2250 page (linked above). You get a file called ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe.
    Use WinRAR or a similar tool to extract the files compressed in ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe.
    In the files you extracted, navigate to Printer\GDI\VISTA_64. Here’s your printer driver. Save the contents, and point Windows here during driver installation.”

  57. I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10, and surprisingly my Samsung Printer ML-1210 stopped working. What I did then, was very simple:
    1) I found there still was the folder ML-1200 on my computer:
    This PC > C: > Temp > ML-1200
    2) In the folder there was Setup.exe, which I double-clicked
    3) At one moment during the installation process there was an announcement about a missing file or something, which I accepted (was it to choose OK, or to do nothing, I don’t remember), but the installation process was done in less than a minute.
    4) I opened my airplane ticket, pressed to print, and the printer started to humm and the page was printed perfectly!

  58. The URL ( were you could download the required file doesn’t work now.

    I could download the required file (ML-2250_Win7_GDI.exe) today (2017-december-06) from the URL

    that I found (googling), mentioned in page

    It worked for me in Windows 10 Pro.


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