Windows 8: Stuck on “Maintenance in Progress”

My Windows 8 machine ran out of disk space this morning.  The Windows Search service decided that it should gobble up all of my remaining space with an index file nearly 300 GB in size.  But, that’s a different problem.

Anyway, running out of disk space always causes some odd things to happen.  One of them was that the flag icon in the system tray reported “Maintenance in progress” and would not stop.  Opening up the Action Center, I could see that it indeed claimed maintenance was in progress, but clicking the “Stop” link didn’t do anything.  It appears that the automatic maintenance tried to run at some point during the night, broke because the disk was full, and ended up stuck in a bad state.  This persisted across a regular reboot.

To fix it, you have to manually start and stop it again.

  • Go to Task Scheduler.
  • Navigate to┬áTask Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\TaskScheduler.
  • Right-click “Regular Maintenance” and select “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Settings” tab, check “Allow this task to be run on demand,” and click “OK.”
  • Right-click “Regular Maintenance” and click “Run,” then do it again and click “End.”

After this, the automatic maintenance issue should be sorted out.


writhziden in this thread found the solution.

14 thoughts on “Windows 8: Stuck on “Maintenance in Progress””

  1. Thanks for your helpful post! Maintenance had been running for days and wouldn’t stop, now it’s good. Thanks!

  2. Same problem Barney has. It seemed at first to work but at some point shortly after returning to business as usual (for me it was the same day) the problem returns.

  3. I’m having the same problem except I didn’t run out of disk space. Also, I tried the Task Scheduler solution but that didn’t fix my problem.

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