Discontinuation of aaronserv.dyndns.org

Back in the day, my site lived at http://aaronserv.dyndns.org/.  A few other hosted sites (like FFSF) lived in subdirectories under this domain name.  Today, I have appropriate redirects in place so that people hitting the old URLs will make it to the right place.  Although the aaron-kelley.net domain name has been in use since 2005, there are still links and references to the aaronserv.dyndns.org domain name scattered around the web.

Dyn has decided that they are now going to require users to sign in to their account once every 30 days (or pay a yearly fee) to continue to use their dynamic DNS service on domains like dyndns.org.  A dynamic DNS update client set to run periodically will not satisfy this requirement.  I’m not up for the hassle so I am going to let the domain name lapse whenever they decide to enforce this.