KB2843630, KB2917929, and KB2923528 retracted from Windows Update?

After the “Patch Tuesday” updates this month I started having an issues with my PC, having to do with entering sleep or returning from sleep.  It would just hang at a black screen, and I would have to hold down the power button to shut down the machine.

After a couple of days, I removed the non-security updates, and the problem seemed to have been resolved.  I waited a few days to be sure, and then ran a full backup.

There were seven non-security updates released for Windows 8.1 this month that were picked up by my PC.  They are: 284363029088162917929291990729233002923528, and 2919394 (listed as “optional”).

After a few days I reinstalled the six “important” updates and the problem returned.  I then uninstalled those and installed the single “optional” update.  The machine has been stable for three or four days so far.  It looks like one or more of the six “important” updates are causing the problem.

Now, the funny part.  Windows Update has stopped offering 2843630, 2917929, and 2923528.  I can’t find any reason as to why they would have been pulled, but I do see a couple of other people complaining about an issue that might be related to sleep after the updates this month.  I’m wondering if one of the pulled updates is the culprit.

After another backup this weekend, I’ll install the remaining three updates and see if the system is still stable.  I’m posting this article in the hopes that anyone else experiencing a similar issue can share their story.

Update, March 1, 2014: One day later, the three missing updates are back on Windows Update, with a publish date of “Yesterday” (2-28).  Maybe just a goof…

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