Mummy-Me Maze Forever

Did you complete all of the secret objectives in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker?  Mummy-Me Maze Forever is your reward, the most difficult level in the game.

I completed this level after about 15 tries over a few days.  I thought I would share my thoughts and strategies along with some information about the floor composition, because I haven’t seen much analysis online yet.  Lots of people find this level to be frustrating, but I thought it was a lot of fun to work out.  There are several YouTube videos showing playthroughs to completion though, so those might also help you out if you’re stuck.

There are 50 floors.  Each floor has a randomly generated square maze.  You start in one corner and to advance to the next floor you must make it to the warp box in the opposite corner.  There are coins scattered about, and occasionally you will find a mushroom, gold mushroom, or pickaxe powerup in the maze.  After playing a few floors, you will understand the maze structure somewhat.

The 50 floors can be broken up into groups of five.  The first four floors are regular mazes and each floor in the group will contain the same kinds of enemies.  The fifth floor is either a “take a break” floor, or a floor with magikoopas and charging chucks.  (An additional charging chuck will be added each time you run into one of these floors.)  The “take a break” floors are floors 10, 20, 35, and 50.  These floors grant you a mushroom to bring you back to “big” status if you’ve taken a hit.

Also, mummies will be chasing you, leaving no time to sit still and see what’s going on.  You start with only a single mummy running along behind, but an additional one is added every 10 floors.  The mummies do not tail you at a consistent rate.  Sometimes, the first mummy will be right behind you, leaving no room for error; other times, he’s a second or two behind.  When there are several mummies tagging along, one or more of them may be lagging behind substantially, which can cause trouble if you ever need to backtrack and aren’t paying attention.

The enemies you will encounter in each group of floors are:

  • Floors 1-4: piranha plants
  • Floors 6-9: piranha sprouts (shooting rocks)
  • Floors 11-14: goombas
  • Floors 16-19: boos
  • Floors 21-24: fire pirahna plants
  • Floors 26-29: shy guys
  • Floors 31-34: bullet bills
  • Floors 36-39: piranha sprouts in groups of two
  • Floors 41-44: goombas and bullet bills
  • Floors 46-49: fire pirahna plants and boos

I found the enemies most difficult to deal with to be the fire pirahna plants and boos.  The rest are not too bad.  More on that in a moment.  First, some general strategy.

You should press “Y” to shut off your light immediately.  The goombas and shy guys will be alerted to your presence from behind if you have your light on.

To meet the secret objective for this level, you must collect 5,000 coins.  This might seem like a lot, but you will get a hefty amount of coins for free on floor 50.  For collecting coins, the strategy that worked for me is to mostly clear out the first four floors (which can get you to up to around 600-800 coins), since there is almost no way to get hit on these floors if you keep moving.  Starting with floor 5, just head straight for the exit, deviating only if there is a low-risk high-reward pile of coins that you run across.  The first time I made it to the end, I ended up with around 6,500 coins using this method.

When you enter a floor, you should as quickly as possible examine your surroundings and come up with the route to the exit.  This will involve tilting the camera around to find the “doorways” that are hidden among the walls.  Sometimes, you can move along two edges of the maze to the exit with little or no trouble.  Other times, you must traverse the core of the maze.  It’s not always possible to see the path to the exit right away, in which case, you must quickly pick a direction and start moving, and work out the path along your way.

Once you know where you’re going, just focus on paying attention to where the enemies are (especially the ones that shoot projectiles) while moving to the exit.  The enemies that can move around may get to be hidden in “doorways” under blocks which may be difficult to see depending on the camera angle.  Pay attention constantly.

For dealing with each different type of enemy:

  • Piranha plants: These guys don’t move and only snap at you when you walk by.  Their attack is delayed by a second or so, though.  As long as you keep moving and don’t run right into them, you won’t get hit.
  • Piranha sprouts: These guys shoot rocks in one of four directions.  You have to pay attention to where they are.  The rocks can cross “doorways” in the maze and smack you if you aren’t looking.  Don’t worry about trying to pull them out of the ground, just keep moving.
  • Goombas: There are two variants, single goombas and stacks of goombas.  Stacks of goombas aren’t any more dangerous and they are actually easier to spot.  Their movement is the same as single goombas except that they can’t move through “doorways” in the maze.  They can spot you over the walls, though.  Anyway, as long as you pay attention to where the goombas are they won’t be any trouble.  You can hold your finger on the touchscreen to keep them still if you are coming up against a tight spot.
  • Boos: One of the more difficult enemies to deal with.  They can move through walls in the maze so you must pay attention to where they are.  You can’t hold them still by pressing on the touchscreen.  Also, if you take too long navigating through the maze, it’s likely that all of the boos will end up chasing behind you.  This means that if you ever need to backtrack, you will have to run into them.  It is very important on these floors to examine the maze quickly and know where you’re going.
  • Fire piranha plants: The other particularly difficult enemy.  Like piranha sprouts, you need to pay attention to where they are, as their shots can be fired through “doorways” and surprise you.  They fire at fixed intervals and if you are near one when it fires you will get hit.  You can hold them still by pressing on the touchscreen, but naturally this only works for one at a time.
  • Shy guys: These guys chase you if they see you, but if you are running, you will be faster than them.  If you know where you’re going, they are no problem.  You can hold them still by pressing on the touchscreen.
  • Bullet bills: Like the other projectile enemies, you need to pay attention to make sure you don’t get caught by surprise when one fires through a “doorway” in the maze.  Also, they can blow up the bricks that make up the walls of the maze, creating additional “doorways” and possibly shortcuts.
  • Piranha sprouts in groups of two: a little more difficult to deal with as there always seems to be one popped up.  Pay attention to which one popped up most recently and walk over it when moving past.
  • Magikoopa and charging chucks: The magikoopa will never hit you if you keep moving (unless you are unlucky when backtracking).  The charging chucks will chase you for a few seconds at a time.  They can break down walls so you have to pay attention to where they are.  But if you keep moving and changing direction, it’s actually pretty hard to get hit.  When they break down walls, they can create shortcuts for you, so it’s not quite as necessary to quickly find the path through the maze on these floors.  Pay more attention to where the charging chucks are.

With enough practice, quick observation, and a bit of luck, you’ll make it to floor 50.  Have fun!

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