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HP f1703 LCD Monitor Repair

Today’s post is about repairing a broken LCD monitor.

The HP f1703 LCD monitor has some kind of design flaw that will probably kick in after you have had it for a while. It causes the backlight to cease functioning. Your screen may appear to be on (power button is lit up) with a completely black display, but if you look closely, the display is working, it is just not lit.

This is the second time I’ve repaired one of these and I thought this time I’d document the process. There are other similar explanations available around the Internet, but the one I followed was kind of brief and vague. Hopefully, Google will find this and then it will help some other people who are having similar problems with their HP monitor.

To conduct this repair, you’ll just need a screwdriver, a pair of pliers (or something to remove the VGA screw locks), and a soldering iron.

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