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Nintendo DSi – Stuck Pixel, Part 2: What’d they do to my screen?

Follow-up to Nintendo DSi – Stuck Pixel, Part 1 (August 3rd, 2009)

Well… my Nintendo DSi arrived back yesterday.  I unboxed it and turned it on, and upon first inspection, I was quite pleased.  Both screens seem devoid of any pixel troubles.  Also, they fixed another problem I had, which I believe a lot of the launch DSi’s had, where you can see a bit of light shining through off to the left of the left edge of the bottom screen.  According to the little slip of paper that I got back with my system, the repair was valued at $75.00.

I quickly noticed, though, that my bottom screen seemed very blue.  It seems that they replaced the bottom screen with one that is either not calibrated properly or just plain bad.  It has a blueish tint to it that is very noticeable, especially if whatever being displayed is bright.

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Nintendo DSi – Stuck Pixel, Part 1

So, my Nintendo DSi has developed a stuck pixel in the upper-right corner of the bottom screen.  This sort of thing really irks me, so I set about searching for a way to fix it.  Of course, I’ve bumped into stuck/dead pixels before, and in my experience, once they appear, they’re about impossible to get rid of without replacing the screen altogether.  And, manufacturers are usually not happy to do this for free for just one bad pixel, even if the device is under warranty.

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Wii Virtual Console mini-review: ActRaiser

So, I bought a Nintendo Wii earlier this summer. I had been mostly away from video games for a while, but there are a lot of cool things about the Wii, including some games that make for good fun for a few people to play together, and the Wii remote makes it easy for people to play even if they aren’t used to playing video games.

But, one of the coolest things is the Virtual Console. Through the Wii Shop, Nintendo is selling games that were made for previous systems. It’s cool to be able to revisit some of these games that I played growing up which I haven’t gotten the chance to see in a while, since I sold my Super Nintendo years ago and I have no idea where my Nintendo 64 is.

Anyone who has played any older Nintendo system is familiar with some of the games available for the Virtual Console, like Super Mario Bros., or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, or Mario Kart 64. My series of Virtual Console mini-reviews will focus on games that were less popular during their original run.

First up is ActRaiser, which was released for the Super Nintendo by Enix in 1991.

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