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Welcome to the new aaron-kelley.net!

Hello!  First post in a while.

Welcome to the new aaron-kelley.net.  I’ve migrated all of my previous content to WordPress, which now powers my site.  This makes the site much easier to manage than the makeshift CMS that I had in place before.  Hopefully, now I will be able to find the time to add some useful content.

There will be some changes to the appearance/theme over the next few days and weeks as everything gets settled.  However, all of the old content is now available here, and the site is completely usable.

WordPress is a pretty cool platform to build a web site on.  It’s really starting to take off now, too.  I’ve known about it for a long time, but some of the features that made me decide to go ahead and move only came in as of version 2.7 ot 2.8 (or, in the last 8 months).  I recommend looking into it if you are looking to build a simple site; it’s not only for running blogs, you can manage static content pages on it as well, and it is pretty easy to extend if you know any PHP.  There’s even chatter about media albums coming to WordPress in the near future, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to move all of my content from the photo gallery into this site, just to have everything in one place.  More on this later.

Probably, next up will be a series of blog posts on Ubuntu Linux — the operating system in general, and fixes to some specific issues that I’ve come across as well as other general tips.  I’ve been collecting these since I switched to Ubuntu last November but never got around to posting them online.  How can I not, now that it is so easy for me?  I’ll also be posting whatever random useful information that I come up with — after all, my main audience is Googlers who find a page on this site while looking for something specific, and that’s how I plan to run things for a while longer.

Launch of gallery.aaron-kelley.net

For over a year now, I’ve been planning to launch an online photo album.  Today, it’s here.

I looked at many options for this.  The easiest solution seems like it would be to use an existing online photo sharing site, like Flickr or Windows Live Spaces.  I looked at four or five of these, and none of them really offered what I was looking for.  And what was that, exactly?

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