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Unable to enable BitLocker on Windows 8 – “Element not found”

I’ve ran into this a few times.  When trying to enable BitLocker in Windows 8, it starts out working but the vague error message “Element not found” quickly appears and it is not possible to proceed with the encryption.

For me, this happens after cloning the Windows install onto a new drive.  According to Microsoft, when using a TPM module to store the keys, using UEFI to boot, and the boot drive has changed, this error will appear.  It’s most likely the same with Windows 7 as well.

Fortunately, the solution is simple.

Open an administrative command prompt and run this command to reinitialize the boot loader:

bcdboot %systemdrive%\Windows

Then reboot the machine and try to start BitLocker again.

Migrating an Ubuntu installation from BIOS to UEFI

For this article, I am assuming that you are comfortable getting around Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular, and are familar with the ins and outs of disk partitioning. I will be describing the steps that I took to make this happen, but not going into too much detail for each individual step. See the bottom of this post for some useful links if you’d like to read up on the topic first. Note that it is very possible to lose your partitions when doing this sort of work so proceed carefully and do not blame me if something goes awry.

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