VMware Infrastructure Client

This is the copy of VMware Infrastructure Client that was included with the freely available VMware Server 2.0.0, but was removed from later versions of VMware Server.  It can be used to manage VMware Server 2.0.x installations without using the web interface.  See this blog post for more details.

Download VMware Infrastructure Client (72.9 MB)

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34 thoughts on “VMware Infrastructure Client”

  1. THANK YOU to the N’th degree. I finally am able to get away from that horrid excuse for a web management console and back to a tried and true management panel. Web Console crashed but still open HTTPS on port 8333, yet web pages wont serve up. This connects and works perfect and give me active charting for a real-time view.


    Running VMware Server 2.0.2
    Vista Ultimate x64 SP2 and all current updates
    Dual Socket Intel Xenon 5520 (2 sockets, 4 cores, 2 thread/core = 16 “Processors”)
    48GB of RAM
    2TB RAID 10 (4x1TB SATA)

  2. Thank-you :-) Works with 2.0.2; Debian Squeeze amd64
    Connection string: https://hostname:8333
    Had to connect 1st time to web interface, with IE not Firefox, before it played ball.

  3. Thanks. I tried your method by extracting the VMWare server 2.0 download but it did not contain anything that looked like a client.
    I used 7zip to open the installer archive.

  4. A thousand thanks for the download link – this is a prized-after piece of software, and I have a feeling VMware are quite keen on it being so hard to find.

    Thanks once again

  5. man, youre saving my life, lets hope this works, cause the new vmware server 2.x webinterface simply doesnt work like it should.

  6. My larger files are stored on Dropbox. From time to time the public files get locked because there is too much traffic. Check back in a day or so and it should be working again.

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