This is a cool program that fixes a problem that I’ve run into a few times — You can ping addresses over the internet, but other programs like Internet Explorer refuse to work. Usually this happens after you remove a program that has modified how your computer communicates with the internet (a software firewall, or some kind of spyware), so this program “restores registry keys, that may become corrupt after removing the host program that modified them.” Since I found it, I have tried it on computers with problems connecting to the network/internet and have found that it fixes many other things as well. It works with Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and XP.

Download WinSockFix (661 KB)

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Note: I didn’t write this program, and I don’t know where the official download site is.
This is a free program, I’m just hosting the file, take it and enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “WinSockFix”

  1. Dear Mr Kelley,

    Thank-you enormously for this fix. Malware destroyed my computer- spent wasted hours attempting to repair (without internet or by using a Blackberry :( ) had to boot-install Win7.
    Thankfully after many years of PC program failure- I had partitioned my HDD into 5 and n external HDD- all work files seem safe (knock on wood, turn round three times and kiss a shilling.)

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