Aaron-Whistler Trillian Skin

Project Status: Discontinued

Note: This project will not be updated for Trillian Astra or future versions, as I’ve switched to using Pidgin as my main IM client.

Aaron-Whistler 1 Aaron-Whistler 3
Aaron-Whistler 2

This is my Trillian skin. It’s just the Whistler skin (included with Trillian), but it has the icons from the actual IM programs that Trillian gives you access to instead of the colored circles that are there by default. This skin was designed for Trillian 3.0 (works with Pro and Basic). Unzip the file to your Trillian Skins folder, and select it from Trillian’s preferences.

Download Aaron-Whistler v.2.11 (3.21 MB)

Note (Pro Only): You must turn off “Use pictures to represent contacts” or set the picture size to “Tiny” to get correct icons. I don’t know if I will add support for large icons yet or not.

Aaron-Whistler 4

This is the old Trillian Pro 2.x version.

Download Aaron-Whistler v.1.15 (477 KB)

Installation Troubleshoot

Icons in this skin are copyright © AOL, ICQ, mIRC, Microsoft, and Yahoo!.
The original Whistler skin is copyright © Cerulean Studios.

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