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Project Status: Stalled
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Note: I haven’t had a chance to really work on this project in a long time. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to it… I’d like to, but for now, I’m just leaving this page up. If you want to see a cool hack, check out Super Demo World: The Legend Continues by FuSoYa.

“UltraSMW” is a project to replace every level in Super Mario World. The objective of the project is to make the game more challenging and interesting, and be fun, especially for SMW veterans.

Most SMW hacks that were started in the past were run by one person or a small group of people. I have contacted the authors of previous hacks for permission to use their previously completed levels in this compilation. I have created a few levels myself. There were a couple of level authors that I was unable to get in touch with (the e-mail addresses listed with the release of their hacks were no longer valid, and the web site links were dead), so I hope they don’t mind if I use a few levels from their hacks. I don’t have enough levels to complete the game. I am calling on you to help. I want to get as many level authors as possible.

If you want to design a level, download FuSoYa’s Lunar Magic and get cracking! Lunar Magic is not very difficult to use, once you practice with it a little. It also comes with very nice documentation. If you submit a level to me (exported from Lunar Magic as a .mwl file, or as an .ips file) and I think it’s good, it could be used in the complete version of this hack. You will be fully credited, both in-game and in the readme file.

I’m particularly interested in good Castle and Ghost House levels (with puzzles) and hard levels for Star Road and the Special World. If you don’t want to design a whole level, I’m also interested in little segments to use as “pipe areas,” as parts of Castles or Ghost Houses, or as parts of a larger level.

I like levels better if they are built from scratch. Levels that look like one of the levels from the original game, just modified a bit, will probably not be used. I reserve the right to make small modifications to your level to fix sprite and other graphical bugs, to make it fit into the game better, where I decide to place it (perhaps by changing the background), or to make it fit into a “chain” of two or more levels if the level could be longer (remove the goal and add a pipe to the next area or something).

If you’re interested, submit your designs to me. I will be making more releases shortly, as I integrate more of the levels I already have into the game, but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what is going on so you can get started. If you don’t want to design a level, you can still download the patch and let me know if you find any bugs.

Remember, you can use a completed Super Mario World save file (.srm) to access all of the levels (except Switch Palaces, which cannot be replayed), as regular Super Mario World save files are compatible with this hack. Here is a completed save file for your convenience.

Note: I don’t plan on making any drastic changes to the overworld or changing any of the game graphics. Please keep this in mind when you submit levels.

Super Mario World is copyright © 1990 Nintendo.

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